you think i'm in love with the continental shoemakers?

no, i'm not. instead, here is a list of things i am kind of a little bit in love with right now.

my new-old ruffle top

esra roise's ah-mazing illustrations (and i don't use ah-mazing lightly, believe me)

the glass menagerie by tennessee williams

it's blitz by yeah yeah yeahs

my tiny concertmate keyboard i found in the back of my wardrobe

in other news, i'm officially on winter holidays. yay! i don't think i've ever been this excited for break to begin. yesterday my sister and i accidentally put a bowl that was not microwave safe in the microwave and ended up effectively welding it on to the microwave plate. fail.

so, what are you kind of a little bit in love with at the moment? discusszzz.

oh and i'm totally sorry for eating up all your bandwidth.



  1. I'm in love with :
    This random polaroid I found around my house!
    The 300th issue of I-D.
    Florence and the Machines new album!
    nicky x

  2. love the top and that cd is so good.

  3. hahaha i find it hilarious that you found a keyboard in your closet

    i'm in love with.. laying in bed and listening to the grateful dead, my new elephant shirt and swimming in super cold water

  4. your ruffle top looks such cute.


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