au revoir lovelies.

to my dear readers and new friends, i've been thinking alot lately about things that i like and things that i find annoying, and, unfortunately, while my blog didn't fall into the latter category, it didn't really fall into the former, either. it was just kind of floating between the two. and thus it is time to bid it adieu (that sort of rhymed- i guess i'm a poet and didn't know it! yes i am lame)

you see, when i set out writing this blog, i hadn't meant it to be an online diary of ramblings about my day and my sometimes overtly teen 'angsty' emotions. but alas alack, that's what it wound up being. reading some of my more recent posts, i realise that
i've kind of become that annoying oversharing blogger who assumes that you really want to know about everything going on in my life.

and hey, i just got a haircut bee tee dubs!

see what i mean? i'm like that girl at school who goes on and on about her weekend even though nobody really cares. sorry guys.

i'd just like to say thankyou thankyou thankyou for the awards i have gotten and your lovely lovely lovely (i like saying things in threes, in case you hadn't noticed) comments and words and everything and oh gee i now feel like a politician conceding an election (except they probably wouldn't use 'lovely' and 'thankyou' three times) and yes. that is basically all.

thankyou again and fare thee well, even though this was really long winded and dramatic as i tend to be because i intend on going off and starting a new blog soon ie after dinner. but it will not be this and it will hopefully, be less annoying.

keep being loverly xxx


PS puzzle over the photo for a moment, why don't you?

EDIT: sweets, some of you have commented/emailed me about my new blog. you are very very sweet. (:
link is here, but i'm warning you, it is quite different from this blog in a strange way that i can't quite put my finger on. it might be the fact that i have made known my pushing daises addiction. it might be the fact that i have stopped signing off with the giant emboldened 'P', something i don't quite understand why i did. x


  1. oh.. it makes me sad that i found your blog so late because i really liked reading it. will you tell me your new blog address when you make it?

  2. gah, will miss you even though i was kind of a lame commenter. but i look forward to your next blog!

  3. :( x4359342563425603256535789356879356325032705

  4. I hope this comment isn't too late! I had a good analogy about stars and nebulas that i wish i could recite for you about new beginnings and crap. goodbye "patty cakes" send me the link to your new blog, k?

  5. I'll have to read back all your old posts now because I loved reading it!

  6. Aww, ciao :( But I can see how blogging can be annoying! Take careee!

    thanks for the comment! - glad it umm "fantasmagical" (I believe?)!

  7. dont worry, bloggers are bloggers when they blog about their everyday interests and relations.


there's no beep, but pretend there is and do your thing. (: