what makes something ugly? is it the way it looks or the way it makes us feel? is it because we think we're better than it or worse than it? what constitutes beauty and what hideousness?

i've been thinking about 'ugly' things lately, and how we put so much premium on appearance that someone or something 'ugly' immediately becomes a spectacle.

like Susan Boyle, for example. so yes, she is fantastic, and yes, she doesn't look like your average celebrity. but really, if she didn't look the way that she does, wou
ld people have considered her voice as amazing? if she looked like Erin Wasson or Zippora Seven, would people be as amazed? or would they have just accepted it as, 'oh, she's pretty, of course she was gifted with an amazing voice, too?'

are people fascinated with 'ugly' things?

would you be more surprised to hear something 'pretty' coming from something 'ugly', or something 'ugly' coming from something 'pretty'?

keep well and as loverly as i know you all are.



  1. good things to think about...hmm.

  2. Ugliness and prettiness fascinate me as well. And how if someone who was once pretty loses some sparkle we now look at them as ugly, but if someone who was once ugly fixes themself up to be pretty it is a BIG deal. But people who are good people are always the most beautiful. Being mean dimmers the light.

    And God knows I'm always trying to assasinate my best friend's favourite goat!

    You are too funny...

  3. Ooh deep! I think if you look at something and perceive it as pretty, it's a reflection on you. Have a fab week xoxo

  4. thanks for the comment, why yes i am filipino, i hope that high five offer is still available. if so, HIGH FIVE!!! :D if not, aw......


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