peter is 12 and likes milk

new layout. (: my room smells like pad thai, because i brought my school bag upstairs and had pad thai in it today, for lunch. (of course, it was in a lunchbox) i'm going to go to bed right after this, because it is very very cold and my fingers are freezing.

cheers big ears

i'm totally not implying that you have big ears, even though you might- i haven't met you so i wouldn't know.



  1. I think my ears are very small, not sure, will check that and get back to you. Those keys are very sweet, I had an old key that I used to bury and then pretend to find and it would take me into a secret garden. Childish.

    Here's sending you some warm sunshine, it seems like you need it xoxo

  2. I adore the first photo
    and my room stinks of cheese because I was given cheese in France which I put in my suitcase and now my room smells so bad ahaha

  3. haha i love the quirky-ness of your blog! yum, i love pad thai!

  4. mmmm i like the photos, i have a wierd obessession with keys.....

  5. haha I love the way you write, very quirky and fun. Pad Thai is a great smell, but probably best as a meal rather than an item you wear haha :P Thank you for your comment!


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