long johns, hold tight

leah of phomboneus has been making so many tpc references lately that i thought it was high time i made one too. i have had 'be good' stuck in my head for the past few days, and it may be freaking people out as i constantly break into song and dance.

uh. i am currently making a cropped floral jacket, which i'm thinking can go two ways between hideously, ridiculously ugly and really superduper fantasmagorical. i'm hoping for the latter, obv.

and OH (i can now look at those two letters and not think 'Opera House', thankyou!) i was in the city yesterday- GP is having a fantastic sale on Pitt if anyone's interested/in the area- and Sportsgirl are charging $80 for the average heinous/fashionable nana jumpers you can pick up from Salvos for $3. it's quite depressing & beyond ridiculous.

anyway, let me know if the music player doesn't pop up for you and i'll see if i can use my ways of the (web) samurai to fix it up.

chhhyeah i think that's all.

be good by tokyo police club


ps. my twenty one followers, you are absolute dears. the sum of the digits in twenty one is three, which is my mental age, i'm sure.

psps. i tried to leave the music player as black, but i just couldn't do it. there are no pictures in this post so to compensate, something had to be pink. sorry.


  1. Okay, I always hear "the latter" in articles and books and I DONT UNDERSTAND WHAT THAT MEANS! The last one? Is that it?

    anyways...seriously I have OTPD (Obsessive Tokyo Police Club Disorder). I want TPC to be my friends and toss tambourines and make cupcakes with me :D
    ...why won't Dave accept my facebook friend request???

    "Be Good" is probably my fav song of theres, although lately it's been "Centennial". God they are good.

    Conting on that jacket being fantasmagorical.

  2. yay tokyo police club!! i love them, thanks to you!
    i hope your jacket turns out "fatasmagorical"!! haha i don't think i can even pronounce that, but i appreciate that you categorize my blog as such :)

  3. tokyo police club!
    good luck with the jacket xx


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