generic post #982

i have been living in these jeans since i bought them on friday. i just put them on for the hell of it, even when i'm not going out, because they're that comfy. yes.

i promise that once assessments and school are over (ten days!) my posts shall return to rambly and in the least bit interesting as opposed to the one picture one sentence one link one coherent phrase form they've assumed lately (obviously this was not the coherent phrase, although it is a little rambly).

'kay that's all.



  1. i love the picture.. i should have tried that on some of my math tests! haha

  2. oh my goodness, your blog is amazing! i heart it very much!!!

  3. what a lovely drawing! I love your blog! Thanx for commenting bytheway! I also like my dress. I actually bought it in two minutes ;D. XXX

  4. HAHA! this is the exact picture on my friends blog that made me do the stupid thing that I did in my exam. I think my maths teacher tries to avoid me now.


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