cheap 'n' cheerful

today i had a really really lovely day.

i laughed alot with my friends and did some drawing, and had a delicious nutella sandwich for lunch.
i came home and rang work to ask about my next shift, but ended up having a lovely conversation with my manager instead.
then i made peanut butter biscuits and messed around on my flute and read my french textbook and took a nap.
i have a chem test on thursday but i think i'll take a break from studying tonight, i'm feeling much too chirpy and cheerful, having just developed an addiction to mylifeisgood.com

i hope you are all having a day as lovely as yourselves, you're all fantastic, really. x



  1. Hey! I love your new design. It's very nice! Good luck with your test and your lovely day sounds like a dream xoxo

  2. Nutella and Peanut Butter cookies? Sounds like a great day to me - I always bake when I should be studying, it's relaxing which is conducive to study, right?

  3. mm i love nutella. hip hip horray for being cheerful!!
    and you're really quite fantastic yourself :D

  4. awwww, thats so cute. none of my lovely days sure cant beat your lovely day :)

  5. I love lovely days filled with lovely people or just plain old people acting lovely :)


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