'art is the only way to run away without leaving home,'

check out my new diy. i sincerely sincerely hope that the paint does not run in the wash, or i might just start crying. the purpose of the second photo is not really to show you my shirt, but instead the wonderfully quadrilateral smile orthodontic braces have given me. seriously, the corners of my mouth are practically at right angles in that photo! ahem.

anyway, it's 3 o'clock on the rocket clock, gotta dash and paint my actual art assignment.



  1. wowww, i loveee this topp!
    i actually cant believe you made it yourselfff!
    i am so jealous right now

  2. um yes I love that shirt :)
    nicky x x x

  3. Whoah.. nice Kahlo shirt. I love it

  4. really cool tee! so cool that you made it!

    and i am adding you to my link list right now!

  5. AH that's awesome. I love the design! Your post actually made me smile because I bought a ton of t-shirts from Zellers today. I was super excited to design them. But I decided to test my paint/ markers. They washed off. I was sad. The end.

    Okay, that's my lame, some what relevant story. Um, I think the moral is I totally love YOURS and really hope the paint doesn't come off either.. Keep me updated? haha

    Thanks for the comment!


  6. woo-hoo frida!! That's one handsome t-shirt you have there. Me and my friend tried to make some and we failed terribly.

  7. such a cool DIY! I wish I was better at drawing on tees, but it always comes out looking messy...

    to answer your question, my photos are from a little beach/harbor. it's like, the prettiest place I've ever been!

  8. ah that's really great looking.


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