you can't hold a star in your hand

you will click the picture.

yes, that is my lame attempt at (jedi )mind games. yes, you will click the picture. can you see the seedy eyebrow raise?

anyway. phomboneus tagged me for seven facts, so it's time for a little oversharing. most excellent.

i. i still wear johnson's baby cologne, the orange one with the little cheerful kids jumping around on pogo sticks on the bottle
ii. i am a firm believer in tea (and a new believer in yo la tengo) solving pretty much any drama you can think of.
iii. my favourite book of all time is 'the picture of dorian gray' by oscar wilde. sooooo good.
iv. the reason why i don't capitalise things when typing is purely because my left pinky has a mind of its own and refuses to press shift. take it up with her.
v. i work at kfc but cannot honestly say i've tried more than a quarter of the total menu
vi. i did ballet and tap dancing for seven years but have somehow managed to grow two left feet (?)
vii. i am fluent in piglatin. i kid you not.

and, uh, i have nobody to tag. so if you'd like to be tagged, just consider yourself tagged. unless that violates some sort of tagging code, in which case, oops.



  1. Very nicely done. You sound like the loveliest tea drinking-KFC employee I have ever heard of :)

  2. i clicked the picture :P
    cute survey!

  3. Heyy! You're 15 and you work at KFC? That's pretty cool. I want to work but I never manage to convince myself that I can/have the time.
    Thank you for dropping by my blog, very appreciated.


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