we'll wear a jolly crown; buckle up, we're wayward bound

okay, so today i had crackers and salmon spread for morning tea, and silly me brought a metal butter knife.

went to PE straight after morning tea, with metal butter knife still in pocket.

had a double period of French, knife still in pocket.
went to the shopping centre after school, butter knife still sticking out of pocket.

convinced people i was some sort of teenage delinquent with my pained expression from heavy schoolbag and knife glinting in pocket. if i was anybody else at my school I may just say 'FML', but i think that site is siiilllyyy.

oh, and i got new glasses! i can't get a good picture of them even if i wanted to, though, because my face is ridiculous.

how did you spend your day?



  1. haha that's funny, but kind of embarassing! i spent the day taking exams.. fun fun! not. :P

  2. what a neat photo! hehe.

    can't wait to see your new lens:]

  3. ooh, I would be afraid the knife would impale me during PE.
    delinquency can be good! haha
    I witnessed a fight between my dad and his mother in law. that's about it for my day.

  4. seriously, peeps need to chill with the "FML"s. I hear things now like "fuck I lost my pencil! FML". no no.

  5. oh fml... although people at my school seem to be moving onto last nights texts or something. i think thats the name.

    today i stayed home to "work on a paper", but i'm really just too worn to face anyone.

  6. You emailed this to me earlier in the day,
    thanks:I wish I could drink like him,
    but I don't like the taste of wine on my tongue.


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