i don't believe in the beatles, i just believe in me.

i had an absolutely loverly weekend. two days in which i had no homework (!) and didn't have to serve people chicken. HECK YES i made cookies and drew polaroid cameras everywhere in felt tip and did lots of reading and listening to music. and i bought this tee shirt, which everyone in my family thinks should be road kill, but how wrong they are!

don't listen to them bambi, they're just silly.

and i'm sorry that the photo is a bit squishy but i cannot pose for the life of me. i'm ridiculous, i know.
and, also, to everyone who has linked me or anything of the sort (I sound like my English teacher! oh, the humanity!),

you all deserve bambi shirts. that's not to say that if you didn't link me, etc, you're not sweet, because you totally are, and i'm rambling now so i might just stop typing. 'kay thanks.


p.s- the possum story is completely, 100% TRUE, I SWEAR!
i do live in Australia, after all. ha.


  1. I love that top so much, it's really cute
    and thanks for the comment :D

  2. Cute Tee! Making cookies and doodling, definetly an awesome weekend xoxo

  3. i like to draw polaroids but i'm not very good at it...haha, i'm not very good at drawing period. but that's ok, because i like to anyways! haha.
    love the t!

  4. i'm loving that shirt
    i will link you as well! =) link back?

  5. BAMBIII!! jahoe:P
    Love the deer-shirt (of course:P)
    (and your header by the way!!)


  6. ohh, by the way, i have tagged you!!

  7. I like the dear deer shirt. We have probably more deer in NJ than people. Sometimes my brother almost hits them with his car but I am able to save them with my yelps. those exclamation points made my day! I shall give you some now as well [!!!!!!!!]

  8. We must be dream-walkers, mind-readers, (at least) connected in one way or another, and it's strangely intimate that you should be wearing a deer-print before/after I listed off my four favourite animals this afternoon. Are you trying to attract me ;)


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