fear is a darkroom where negatives develop

i am so so so so so so tired.

i have the hiccups and my fingers are cold and i'm feeling a bit like oscar the grouch only not as green and hopefully not as
smelly. my gluestick has just run out and my nails are really dirty and the house alarm is faulty and the band a few doors down seems to see fit to start practicing at this time of night (i don't care how attractive you are in your scrawny-boy way, it's late! 'kaythanksbye). and i am stressing about work experience and my laptop cannot get onto the internet and so i am on the home computer 'reading about taming of the shrew' but really flicking between sparknotes and tumblr.

i just used the word 'i' about fifteen times in six lines. how self centred of me. asdhgfkjhfjgkh

this erratic weather is confuzzling my brain.

will address the seven facts tag thingo later when my brain reboots. :)



  1. I feel for you.
    I love the way you format your blog.
    very nice :)


  2. like how you write. hehe.
    very entertaining.
    & the photo!

  3. where is the title of your post from? is it a song or something? i really like it and i think i shall make it my facebook status :]

  4. Love the photo. We all have terrible days...


there's no beep, but pretend there is and do your thing. (: