and we're waiting

you know you've been rehearsing too much for your school's biannual music concert when you're in chemistry and you think that hydroxide (OH) stands for 'Opera House'.

frozen armies by children collide



  1. for hydroxide...I always remember it is OH and not HO because I tell my self it aint' no ho. That is some nice, nice music. I am flattered to be fantasmagorical!!

  2. So, no- your posts don't turn up on my radar, which is quite unfortunate! Strangely.. the 4-hour band rehearsal made my throat better, and I'm feeling pretty good, except for my headache.

    When are you doing the marimba-making tomorrow? Morning session? Because I put myself down for the first two, can't miss dance or music : )

  3. ahaha

    and good luck with your play!


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