move along now, nothing to see

i fell over at work today. and i don't just mean fell over. i mean FELL OVER. as in, walking from the drink machine to the chicken warmer, slipped on the greasy floor and lay there for a bit in hysterics as customers peered over the counter and my workmates laughed their asses off at me. i am now the proud owner of a bruised elbow and cracked watch. YAY i thought i would show you one of the tee shirts & pair of earrings i made with Crauds the other day. the shirt still smells strange in that way that only fabric paint does. :/

and i'm wearing my school cardigan in the second picture because it's super cuuuuuddly.


  1. your t-shirt is cute :--D


  2. thank you for the comment :)
    i like that shirt you made, do you mind if i TRY to copy it? (gigantic emphasis on try because ill probaly not be able to copy it anyways)

  3. I wish I had dinosaur earings. I wear my school cardigan all the time too! And we shall one day embark on an epic quest to steal Dave Monks together!


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