get awkward

today was a good day. i went for noodles; bought some fabric; procured some purple Rumplestiltskin shoes; bought the latest Frankie, then came home to a cup of darjeeling tea and gingersnaps. the gingersnaps were kind of hard but that's okay. then i chilled out and watched Heathers again, because as much as that movie freaks the hell out of me, i love it.

clickity click to make it biggity big.

oh yeah, and;



  1. Patty Cakes you watch Heathers and drink Darjeeling tea and contemplate buying purple shoes? You are the COOLEST!

  2. yay Frankie!!!!!!!!

    also... Husquvana make sewing machines now!?! Those things better be able to sew wood or im not impressed!


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