and the fingers bleed in the factories

i'm having trouble staying

and it's only quarter past nine. hasten your pasten, holidays.

so lately i've been waking up with random songs in my head. the day before yesterday it was 'i woke up in a car', yesterday it was 'brothers on a hotel bed' and this morning it was 'fingers in factories'. and it's been stuck in my head the whole day. um. i've also been really creeped out by the virgin suicides, lately. SHE STICKS HER HEAD IN AN OVEN. AN OVEN. uh oh spaghettio that's not good. and that seriously disturbed me.

yeah, anyway.

read any good books lately? my school library is horrible.



  1. My school library is great, I am just too stupid to take advantage of it. I haven't read The Virgin Suicides, but I saw the movie and it is so beautifully shot by Miss Sofia Coppola whom is just about one of the loveliest people around.


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