au revoir lovelies.

to my dear readers and new friends, i've been thinking alot lately about things that i like and things that i find annoying, and, unfortunately, while my blog didn't fall into the latter category, it didn't really fall into the former, either. it was just kind of floating between the two. and thus it is time to bid it adieu (that sort of rhymed- i guess i'm a poet and didn't know it! yes i am lame)

you see, when i set out writing this blog, i hadn't meant it to be an online diary of ramblings about my day and my sometimes overtly teen 'angsty' emotions. but alas alack, that's what it wound up being. reading some of my more recent posts, i realise that
i've kind of become that annoying oversharing blogger who assumes that you really want to know about everything going on in my life.

and hey, i just got a haircut bee tee dubs!

see what i mean? i'm like that girl at school who goes on and on about her weekend even though nobody really cares. sorry guys.

i'd just like to say thankyou thankyou thankyou for the awards i have gotten and your lovely lovely lovely (i like saying things in threes, in case you hadn't noticed) comments and words and everything and oh gee i now feel like a politician conceding an election (except they probably wouldn't use 'lovely' and 'thankyou' three times) and yes. that is basically all.

thankyou again and fare thee well, even though this was really long winded and dramatic as i tend to be because i intend on going off and starting a new blog soon ie after dinner. but it will not be this and it will hopefully, be less annoying.

keep being loverly xxx


PS puzzle over the photo for a moment, why don't you?

EDIT: sweets, some of you have commented/emailed me about my new blog. you are very very sweet. (:
link is here, but i'm warning you, it is quite different from this blog in a strange way that i can't quite put my finger on. it might be the fact that i have made known my pushing daises addiction. it might be the fact that i have stopped signing off with the giant emboldened 'P', something i don't quite understand why i did. x


you think i'm in love with the continental shoemakers?

no, i'm not. instead, here is a list of things i am kind of a little bit in love with right now.

my new-old ruffle top

esra roise's ah-mazing illustrations (and i don't use ah-mazing lightly, believe me)

the glass menagerie by tennessee williams

it's blitz by yeah yeah yeahs

my tiny concertmate keyboard i found in the back of my wardrobe

in other news, i'm officially on winter holidays. yay! i don't think i've ever been this excited for break to begin. yesterday my sister and i accidentally put a bowl that was not microwave safe in the microwave and ended up effectively welding it on to the microwave plate. fail.

so, what are you kind of a little bit in love with at the moment? discusszzz.

oh and i'm totally sorry for eating up all your bandwidth.



don't say no to it

don't say no by patrick wolf

oh, patrick, you make even the most ordinary of afternoons spine tingling.

and thankyou for your lovely lovely responses to my Frida tee shirt, you guys made me smile in the way that fork ended ribbons and knee high socks to bed do. (:


'art is the only way to run away without leaving home,'

check out my new diy. i sincerely sincerely hope that the paint does not run in the wash, or i might just start crying. the purpose of the second photo is not really to show you my shirt, but instead the wonderfully quadrilateral smile orthodontic braces have given me. seriously, the corners of my mouth are practically at right angles in that photo! ahem.

anyway, it's 3 o'clock on the rocket clock, gotta dash and paint my actual art assignment.



not easily offended

just in case you needed any more evidence that museums are fantastic fantastic places.



i love this song sosososomuch

neighbourhood #1 (tunnels) by arcade fire

and since there's noone else around
we let our hair grow long
and forget all we used to know
then our skin gets thicker
from living out in the snow

chhyeah i spell 'neughbourhood' with a 'u'.


cheap 'n' cheerful

today i had a really really lovely day.

i laughed alot with my friends and did some drawing, and had a delicious nutella sandwich for lunch.
i came home and rang work to ask about my next shift, but ended up having a lovely conversation with my manager instead.
then i made peanut butter biscuits and messed around on my flute and read my french textbook and took a nap.
i have a chem test on thursday but i think i'll take a break from studying tonight, i'm feeling much too chirpy and cheerful, having just developed an addiction to mylifeisgood.com

i hope you are all having a day as lovely as yourselves, you're all fantastic, really. x